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Identify the Social Advertising Platform Best Suited for your Business

This course will recap the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and will then introduce you to the concept of Social Marketing.

The Future of Digital Advertising

We are providing during one plenary day some important insights about the future of Search, of Social Media and of Programmatic media buying.

Setting the Right E-Commerce Platform Strategy to Boost Online Sales

During this course you will understand the keys to succeed with your e-commerce strategy by having the right partner.

Assess your Digital Marketing Maturity

This programme is tailored-made for Intrapreneurs and Innovation Champions of all experience levels who seek in-depth knowledge and guidance on how to predict success for any business model.

Introduction to the Development of Digital Marketing Campaigns

This course helps you understand what clients do when they visit your website. By getting to know the types of signals that grab their attention, you can create marketing strategies that will provide you with measurable results for traffic that is increasingly more qualified.

Introduction to Google Analytics & Google 360 Suite

Discover the Google 360 suite and get to know how Doubleclick synergies work. Identify pertinent KPIs in accordance with your targets and optimize your website and digital communication strategy according to the results of your analyses.

Building your brand with Video Marketing

You will learn how to develop a video strategy and accurately predict what efforts you will need to make in this plan. You will be able to spot your brand’s opportunities for video marketing and use high-performance tools to analyze your current video environment.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

This course will help you understand the importance of a digital agenda and data-driven research for understanding your customer needs and being able to adapt your product accordingly.

Measuring the Success of your Marketing Campaigns

This course cuts through the mountain of information to give you clear guidelines on which metrics are best suited for your organization.