Group 11

Skills : Animation / Media Production
Website :

Create awareness around the IPF disease

Have you heard of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis? In order to prevent this disease and support the prevention campaign on the digital landscape, we created emotional animation videos.

Each video is highligting a specific symptom. We took the time to dwell on the details to make sure the message is understood correctly.

A two-phase social campaign

The audiences were first targeted with short 15 second videos illustrating moments of life where the symptoms manifest themselves.

They were then retargeted 6 weeks later with a longer format in order to create traffic through the campaign landing page and encourage people to spread the word.

Emotion through animation

We used a pictorial style close to drawing. The editing is cleverly following the rhythm of the music in order to accompany the viewer through the whole scenario. The message, in addition to key words on screen is supported by a male voiceover with serious and reassuring tones.