Group 11

Skills : Video / Media Production
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Schréder SA is a Belgian manufacturer of street lighting founded in Liège in 1906 by Jules Schréder. Until 1936, Schréder was a supplier of electrical components, after which they specialized in public lighting.

Rebranding through video

Schréder was going through a full rebranding when they came to broadkat asking for help with the production of the video that would represent it. During the many brainstorming sessions we talked about the vision and the spirit of the company. Once imbued with this vision, we hit the road with our full production team looking for the best places to shoot.

An Emotional Connection

Schréder has been driven by a culture of innovation, a tradition of engineering, a desire to make streets safer, and a push to increase energy efficiency. This is what we needed to communicate within the video. This is a project that clearly represents how video should be part of an overall company strategy. The final edit is a mix of stock and real live action images accompanied by a tailor-made sound universe.